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Fox replied that he'll be just fine, as he and Krystal shared a smile to each other. The destruction of the hatchers cleared most of the Aparoids from the area and Krystal and Fox soon found Tricky, who offered them a ride back to their Arwings. Krystal was tailed once again, but Fox also saved her again. Venturing deep inside the Palace interior, she found it was a sick and dying EarthWalker soldier to be the one who sent out the distress call. At the surface of a base just above the planet's main underground tunnel, Krystal and Fox, backed up by air cover, destroyed the base's reproductive units, and eventually deactivated the shield protecting the planet's tunnel. Upon being released, Krystal says "Try me." Krystal followed her with the rest of the team and together, they destroyed the Queen's main body, leaving Fox to destroy what was left. For a while, she ignored this, but when the insults and accusations got bad, Krystal became depressed. Twice in the game, Fox McCloud heard her voice through telepathic messages. The EarthWalker warned Krystal that the Krazoa outside of their Shrines were in danger of dying, so in an effort to turn the tide of the war and undo the damage Scales wrought, Krystal agreed to help the dinosaurs return the six Krazoa Spirits to the Krazoa Palace and save Dinosaur Planet from destruction. She appears in Super Smash Bros. This story occurs if Fox, Falco, and Slippy head to Katina from either the Beltino Orbital Gate or the Asteroid Belt. Many years later, Kursed saw Fox again while hunting on the planet Kew. She had made her way to Sector Z when she met up again with Fox, Falco, and Slippy. THIS IS A TEMPORARY PAGE. 2006 For a while, she stays in contact with Lucy who later said that Krystal was extremely depressed after the breakup. A heated exchange of fireballs then ensued between the galleon and the Cloudrunner, allowing Krystal to board the vessel. Fox destroyed them, and Krystal rewarded him with a Supply Ring. Star Wolf would be labeled as heroes, and their bounty cleared, but Krystal would be labeled as a traitor, doomed to be harassed by locals, until she decides to leave Star Wolf to try and begin a new life as a bounty hunter, under the name "Kursed". When Fox went on foot, Krystal tried to get assigned to the ground too, but Fox chose to go it alone. Sometime after the Aparoid invasions, Fox saying farewell to Krystal much as her depressed. Upon arriving at Dinosaur Planet, Krystal encountered and befriended one of the noble CloudRunners and immediately learned of the troubles of the planet's natives, and their continued peril at the hands of the tyrannical dictator General Scales]] and his brutish SharpClaw army. Set in a fictional solar system known as the Lylat system, the game mainly follows adventures of the titular protagonist as he engages in aerospace combats against the forces of Andross. Star Fox celebrates her return, but Krystal is not so enthusiastic as of yet, retaining her bitterness and resentment towards Fox. Along the way, Tricky poked fun at Fox saying that, when this was all over, he and Krystal could eventually come back on their honeymoon. She's likely heard of, or knew Tricky prior to this event. The natives of the planet (several dinosaur tribes and one mammoth tribe) and Krystal (a blue fox girl) speak in a language that was known as "Dino Language." Krystal heard cheers for Wolf, Panther, and Leon, but not for herself. While travelling to Venom, Slippy confronts Krystal's attitude towards Fox, attempting to pull some of that bitterness away, and trying to get the Krystal that was kind and compassionate back. She fought blindly against Aparoids and infected Cornerian fighters while Fox destroyed Aparoid radar jammers Before long, the General's flagship appeared on the horizon. Here, Krystal pleaded for help from Fox and Tricky while the Krazoa she freed tasked Fox with finishing her mission to save her. Team Star Fox is happy to celebrate, and Krystal finally drops her resentment to forgive and reunite with Fox. Sabre befriends a young triceratops named Tricky (who was originally the same one from Diddy Kong Racing). Fox, disappointed, gave chase to the "god" using his Arwing. Krystal is the main female protagonist of Star Fox Adventures, and one of the game's main goals is to free her from imprisonment. After Fox shoots down the rival team, its newest member, Panther Caroso, became overwhelmed by Krystal's beauty, so overwhelmed that he revealed Pigma's location to Krystal: planet Fichina. Star Fox Adventures Krystal Mod Work Continues Krystal is now playable throughout most of the game, with some glitches still remaining. Fox finds Krystal on Sauria and she forgives him. Months later, Krystal abruptly left Fox to rejoin Star Wolf and reunite with Panther, leaving Fox completely baffled and heartbroken by her decision. It was she that put them on the path to neutralizing the Venom Sea. StarFoxAdventures. Cerinia (birthplace)CorneriaSauria Her dreadlocks are blue, and she wears some braids and a tiara. 2018 As the spirits were released, Krystal's prison shattered and she plunged from the top of the palace. Krystal finally got her ground mission with Fox when the two were sent to destroy a series of Aparoid hatchers. After some exploration, General Scales emerged from his damaged ship's cabin and jumped onto deck to meet Krystal face to face. Krystal and Slippy were tailed, but manged to survive by manoeuvring around the Gate until Fox could catch up and save them. When Fox asked Krystal to rejoin the team, she outraged at him, asking why she should rejoin after he treated her such a way. adventures amphibian blaster cover digital dinosaur female fox frog hare krystal lupine male palace rabbit sharpclaw starfox toad tricky vulpine krazoa fox… Directed by Lee Schuneman. Krystal was originally native to the planet Cerinia, a planet outside of the Lylat System. Although the events are unclear, the entire planet of Cerinia was reported to have been completely destroyed in an unknown disaster, in which Krystal's parents were killed and she was left as the only known survivor. Fox directed all members to the skies, while he went in on foot again. The team was dispatched there to locate a distress signal, and while Krystal wanted to assist Fox directly, she was instead ordered with the rest of the team to cover him with Arwing support. Age: Non-Canon: This story occurs if Krystal accepts Fox's apology on Katina. The team flew to Sauria as fast as possible only to find that any resistance had been wiped out. The game takes place on a planet called Dinosaur Planet. Her dreadlocks are blue, and she wears some braids and a tiara. Krystal, Fox, Falco, and Slippy followed Oikonny to the surface of Fortuna where they fought him controlling a mechanism with a similar appearance to Andross. She was originally going to be a playable character in Dinosaur Planet and would have been a feline and relatively younger. Krystal first appears after she hears that Dinosaur Planet is in distress, and sets out to save it. Celebrations were brief however, as the team received a distress call from General Pepper, who told the team that Corneria, had been completely overrun by a colossal Aparoid armada. Star Fox Adventures was originally developed on the Nintendo 64 by Rareware with the title, Dinosaur Planet, and was not intended to be a Star Fox title. It wasn't long before the team found the ship and Pepper inside infected by the Aparoids. The CloudRunner managed to damage the airship greatly before Krystal jumped onto the ship itself. Krystal warmed up to Fox again after clearing off a group of Anglars. For Star Fox Adventures on the GameCube, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Krystal's underwear in this game". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the Great Fox, Krystal and the rest of the team appeared in the space above Fortuna to fight Oikonny, the leader of the leftovers of the Venomian Army. Star Fox Adventures the way it should have been! It is most likely because the animators may have forgotten to remove it. In both Smash 4 and Ultimate, Lylat Cruise returns as a stage, and Krystal's dialogue is retained during Fox, Falco, and Wolf's smash taunts. Fox Her name was Krystal, last survivor of the doomed world of Cerinia. Recording Star Fox ventures to the planet, and after battling the device's guardian, a massive bioweapon, the team retrieves the device. This caused Krystal to adopt a bitter temperament. Reverse engineering notes for SFA. 1.73 SM (approx) Fox would find her during a mission on the planet Kew. Later on, when walking through Moon Mountain Pass, Fox heard the echoes of Krystal's telepathic cries for help. She gave Fox the chance for forgiveness, on the condition that he would apologize. Krystal's first major mission with the Star Fox team began in Star Fox: Assault, about a year after the Sauria ordeal. Krystal used her telepathic powers to find the villain Pigma Dengar and was shocked when she found that the Aparoid infection had caused Pigma to be absorbed into a massive robot. She remembered all those who died in the fight against the Aparoids. Krystal's parentsFox McCloud (possible spouse)Marcus (possible son)James McCloud (possible father in-law) One day, Shigeru Miyamoto noted the similarities between Sabre and Fo… They find her on Katina, and Fox urges her to rejoin the team, but Krystal insults him, revealing that she is now part of Star Wolf. Fox later fought a giant Aparoid monster and Krystal helped him locate the weak point of the creature. Afterwards, Pigma made an appearance, and turned the main engineering tower into an Aparoid, threatening to destroy the climate control center, causing Krystal to express disgust at Pigma's actions. The confrontation ended with Slippy in tears, while Krystal was silent, at least somewhat complicit with her attitude, still. Krystal, frozen with fear and sadness, could not bring herself to hurt the General and Fox was left to fight the General himself on Wolf's wing. Spoiler warning: The following contains key plot or ending details. They quickly came to blows over their contrasting views on the morality behind Scales' ambitions of conquest, leading to Scales tossing Krystal over the side for a good laugh, but thanks to her returning CloudRunner friend, Krystal was able to escape, leaving the tyrant far behind to continue her search for the distress signal. Krystal still acted cold toward her old team members, despite rejoining the team. On Fichina's frozen surface, Fox destroyed the shield generators hindering access to the planet's climate control center, while the team, including Krystal, backed him up later in the mission. Good-bye, Fox path. The following is a list of deaths in the Star Fox universe. Krystal The entire Star Fox team, and even Star Wolf, fought Aparoids at the Orbital Gate to defend it so it could send them to Aparoid City, while Beltino Toad finished work on a self-destruct program that can completely wipe the Aparoids from existence. - Source Gaming, http://www.unseen64.net/2008/04/04/dinosaur_planet_n64/, http://www.unseen64.net/2009/07/17/starfox-adventures-gamecube-beta/, https://starfoxwiki.info/w/index.php?title=Krystal&oldid=88819, GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 or later, Krystal was originally to have had a much larger role in. Finally, the Krazoa God revealed himself to actually be Andross, Fox's arch-enemy. Krystal and the other Star Wolf members had destroyed the Anglar base at the bottom at the Venom Sea. With the help of a CloudRunner, she learned that the planet was being torn apart due to the results of the tyrannical General Scales. They soon realized that they were being followed by Star Wolf. Several months after the defeat of the Anglar, Krystal made the decision to leave Fox for Wolf's team. Krystal briefly ran into trouble, but was rescued by Fox. The CloudRunner then flew Krystal to the Krazoa Palace which had been overrun by the SharpClaw where she found many gravely injured EarthWalker warriors in the palace. He told her what happened; all six Krazoa Spirits had fled from their sanctuary, the Krazoa Palace, and became scattered all over the planet. Krystal worked with her former team members to destroy the Anglar Emperor. Krystal and the others prepared a party for the returning Star Fox team when they heard about the team's victory. When Peppy finds out that she had joined he wasn't very surprised not having seen her. After successfully returning the Krazoa Spirits to the palace, Krystal was apparently brainwashed by the Krazoa Statue to send the six Krazoa Spirits into the statue, creating a "mighty Krazoa God". He did not recognize her and it is unknown what she did in the situation. Krystal helped her team destroy the Anglars and take the huge bounties off their heads. Doing this allowed an unknown entity, one that Krystal seemed to recognize, to imprison her in a large, crystalline mechanism. She is a member of Star Fox team since Star Fox: Assault and is the love interest of Fox McCloud. In the debris of the collapsed homeworld, Star Fox basked in the glory of victory, except for Krystal. Krystal is a vixen with blue and white fur and also has a long, blue tail wrapped around with bands. At the briefing, Krystal regarded the Ape soldiers under Oikonny's command as dedicated to the conflict even through they were mere hired guns. Some time later, the two are married and have a son named Marcus. Fox confessed his feelings to Krystal there and she decided to rejoin the team. But he also knew of the dangers of being a member of the Star Fox team and remembered what had happened to his father and how he felt after his death. Homeworld(s): Saurian is a cipher language created for the game Star Fox Adventures. Krystal, Leon, and Panther met up with Wolf in the space above Venom. Super Smash Bros. Game(s): Krystal is a vixen who hails from the planet Cerinia, having joined the Star Fox Team almost immediately after the Plight of Sauria, as the most recent member and taking the retired Peppy Hare's place as the fourth pilot. The two locked eyes and there was an immediate spark between the two. Using her abilities, she can read thought patterns and sense Distress Signals, which is vital for the Star Fox team as they help out other planets. Character Statistics In the events following the Aparoid Invasion, Fox had a growing concern for Krystal's safety and discharged her from the team. According to lead software engineer Phil Tossell, development of Dinosaur Planet began after the release of Diddy Kong Racing (1997), with two teams to work on the latter game and Jet Force Gemini toward the end of the Nintendo 64's lifespan. Main Game(s): When flying through stormy skies in search of the distress signal, they were attacked by the SharpClaw Galleon, causing Krystal's grip on her Staff to slip, and losing it. Star Fox Adventures for the Nintendo Gamecube, is a different kind of Star Fox game. There are many signs throughout Star Fox games that hint that Krystal is in love with Fox McCloud and vice versa. Team Star Fox is happy to celebrate, and Krystal finally drops her resentment to forgive and reunite with Fox. The creature would then be found to be an Aparoid, who's entire species would invade the Lylat System. Krystal returns as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, but with a different description. Height: Her eye color is green. GSAE01.map is automatically exported from Ghidra and contains symbols found by Dolphin as well as by me.. Overview Krystal, Fox, and Tricky. It is unknown whether this was real or an illusion by Andross. She is a vixen with blue and white fur, and has telepathic powers. Fur: 2005 During celebrations, Star Wolf sends a message to Star Fox, revealing that Panther is deeply upset by Krystal leaving them. Andross had created a device to turn Venom's toxic seas healthy and livable, and he hid the device on Titania. As the Star Fox Team approaches Dinosaur Planet at the edge of the Lylat System, they receive a message from General Pepper asking to investigate what's caused the world to … The four ladies united to destroy the entire Anglar invasion force. Later, she and Fox went down to the Aparoid City to destroy another series of hatchers. This seemed to have gotten through to Krystal. Affiliation: She uses the staff's power to blast at the statue head now floating above them, but the monster escaped and Fox followed with his Arwing. Fox destroyed the tower and saved Fichina. They were all very happy to see each other. Krystal agreed to help the team, but had not yet forgiven him. Appearance(s) During the final invasion of Corneria by the Anglar, Krystal came to the aid of Lucy. She is the first (and so far, only) female Star Foxpilot. The Star Fox Team would eventually find Oikonny's flagship and corner him in a canyon, only for a strange creature to quickly destroy Oikonny's warship, and fire directly at Krystal, almost landing a hit her. Krystal is a female protagonist in the Star Fox franchise. However, Fox does not recognize her. She helps in the battle at the Asteroid Belt against Emperor Anglar, and Star Fox takes him down, along with his remaining forces, saving the Lylat System once again. With Falco's info on Krystal's whereabouts, Fox and the team decides to track her down. What would become Star Fox Adventures was initially developed by Rare as Dinosaur Planet, a Nintendo 64 game unrelated to the Star Fox series.

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